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40th Saas-Fee Course
Astrophysics at Very-High Energies

Course 1: Very high energy gamma ray domain
by Prof. Felix Aharonian (DIAS, Dublin & MPIK, Heidelberg)
Lecture programme:
  1. Introduction: Why VHE gamma rays? (part 1)
  2. Introduction: Why VHE gamma rays? (part 2)
  3. Detection technique
  4. VHE gamma-ray source populations (part 1)
  5. VHE gamma-ray source populations (part 2)
  6. Non-thermal processes in supernova remnants (part 1)
  7. Non-thermal processes in supernova remnants (part 2)
  8. Pulsar wind nebulae (plerions) and gamma ray loud binary systems (part 1)
  9. Pulsar wind nebulae (plerions) and gamma ray loud binary systems (part 2)
  10. TeV blazars and the extragalactic background light

Course 2: Multi-messenger astronomy and dark matter
by Prof. Lars Bergström (Stockholm University)
Lecture programme:
  1. The particle universe: introduction, cosmological parameters
  2. Basic cross sections for neutrinos and gamma-rays; IceCube
  3. Density of relic particles from the early Universe
  4. Dark matter: Direct and indirect detection methods; the galactic centre & other promising DM sources
  5. Neutrinos and antimatter from dark matter, Sommerfeld enhancement
  6. Particular dark matter candidates (WIMPS, Kaluza-Klein particles, sterile neutrinos,...)
  7. Super-symmetric dark matter, DarkSUSY
  8. Diffuse extragalactic gamma-rays, primordial black holes, Hawking radiation
  9. Gravitational waves

Course 3: Sources of GeV photons and Fermi results
by Dr Charles Dermer (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
Lecture programme:
  1. GeV instrumentation and the GeV sky with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
  2. First Fermi Catalog of Gamma Ray Sources and the Fermi Pulsar Catalog
  3. First Fermi AGN Catalog
  4. Relativistic jet physics and blazars
  5. Gamma rays from cosmic rays in the Galaxy
  6. Gamma rays from star-forming galaxies and clusters of galaxies, and the diffuse extragalactic gamma-ray background
  7. Microquasars, radio galaxies, and the extragalactic background light
  8. Fermi observations of Gamma Ray Bursts
  9. Fermi acceleration, ultra-high energy cosmic rays, and Fermi

NB: The lectures by Dr Charles Dermer are also available in PowerPoint format together with additional material on a dedicated page.