40th Saas-Fee Course
Astrophysics at Very-High Energies

Scientific programme

Three of the world's leading researchers working in the field of Astrophysics at Very-High Energies will give together a series of 28 lectures of 50 minutes.

The lectures are intended for PhD students who are interested in carrying out research in the topic of this Saas-Fee Course. Master/Diploma students who are thinking about a research career, or postdoctoral researchers and senior researchers working on other topics may find the school very instructive as well.

Lecture series of the Saas-Fee Course 2010:
Course 1: The sky at very-high energies
by Felix Aharonian (DIAS, Dublin & MPIK, Heidelberg)
Course 2: Multi-messenger astronomy and dark matter
by Lars Bergström (Stockholm University)
Course 3: Sources of GeV photons and Fermi results
by Charles Dermer (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)

The lectures will be held in the morning and in the late afternoon, leaving free time for informal discussions, studies, and outdoor activities in the afternoons. A typical day has the following schedule. Special events are listed on the detailed schedule of the course.

Lecture A:   8:30 -   9:20
Lecture B:   9:25 - 10:15
Coffee break 
Lecture C:10:40 - 11:30
Free time 
Lecture D:17:00 - 17:50
Lecture E:17:55 - 18:45

The Course will be held in the "Maison des Congrès" located about 500 m away from the Eurotel Victoria, where most participants will be accomodated and where dinner will be served.