Planck Software Development Team

General Planck links

    ESA's Planck Home Page
    The Planck home page on the ESA's Science-Technical portal. Includes Press Releases and Public Relation material.
    ESA/ESTEC's Planck Home Page
    The Planck Science Team home page on the ESA/ESTEC site. Includes the Newsletters, Pictures, Documents, etc.
    MPA Planck Data Processing Centre
    The Planck site of the MPA in Garching, Germany, working on IDIS, data simulation, etc.
    The Planck IDIS portal
    The portal to the Planck Integrated Data and Information System (IDIS) regrouping the document and software repositories (LiveLink & CVS), the data management component (DMC), the Process Coordinator (ProC), etc.

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