I have obtained PhD in spring 2012 at the University of Geneva, ISDC. My work was mostly focused on observations and theory of the Gamma-ray bursts - exremely energetic explosions from the very distant universe. The conventional undestanding is that the prompt emission of the GRBs consist of the synchroton emission of relativistic electrons accelerated in the shocks formed in collisions of the ultrarelativistic shells ejected by the GRB central engine. The theory suffers from different problems, which we attempted to highlight and address.

I also worked on analysis of the INTEGRAL data in a broad range of applications.

On behalf of the INTEGRAL/SPI-ACS group and ISDC I provide realtime, nearly realtime and archived SPI-ACS lightcurves for the triangulation and the HEAVENS.

My Masters degree (in Kyiv) was in particle physics (QFT) so that I have basic knowledge of this area.

I have quite a bit of experience in various programming languages (currently I mostly use C++/ROOT and python) and unix-like systems.

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