Software for INTEGRAL/IBIS imaging

Update: Ghost_busters has now been released as part of OSA software v9.0.

For my work at the ISDC I developed a tool for cleaning INTEGRAL/IBIS sky images. Indeed, because of un-modelled features in the IBIS mask (screws and glue strips attaching the mask to the supporting structure) when analyzing a field including bright sources using the standard OSA software a number of features due to the wrong mask model appear in the sky images, which introduces significant systematic features in the images. The use of this software reduces significantly these systematic effects.

The software is released under the GNU Public License v2.0, so you are free to use it and redistribute it. If you use it for publication, a citation to Eckert et al. 2008 (A&A 479, 27) would be appreciated. The software works as an add-on to the standard OSA software package. Detailed instructions on how to use the software can be found in the README file available in the software package. The software was developed and compiled for Linux x86 (Ubuntu 9.04) and OSA v8.0, but it can be easily adapted to Linux x86_64 or Mac OS.

To download the software package, click here.