Why joining SMARTNet?

SMARTNet was born during a dedicated meeting in Leiden in 2015, were a number of invited colleagues discussed how to ease and improve the many multi-wavelength campaigns. The outcomes of the discussions that took place at the meeting have been summarized and formalized in the publication of a White Paper. The paper describes also the current challenges in the effort to organize prompt and efficent multi-wavelength campaings in the current and near-future scenario.

SMARTNet is not (yet) the ultimate solution to face all these challenges, but it’s a good a starting point. It is simply a networking tool for Astronomers. It is intended to be community driven, with no leadership nor formal rules. It’s also very easy to join: when signing in, you should fill in a few details about your own expertise and interests, a few-minutes job.

What happens when you are in SMARTNet? You simply receive the first email for any new observational campaign any member decides to start, asking for support. You will not receive any further email on it, unless you opt for it.

You can discard the campaigns you are not interested in, while you will be able to keep yourself updated on those you are interested in, perhaps helping to obtain more data and profiting from the data other colleagues might decide to share. You will arrange your own collaboration agreement with the other colleagues involved, privately, as usual. No restrictions nor obligations.

You can also use SMARTNet to share information about your instrument/facility, e.g. creating a wikipage, or sharing a document, etc. and of course to browse informations others have shared.