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The standard lightcurve extraction tool (ii_lc_extract) called within the general analysis script builds shadowgrams for each requested time and energy bin. Thus this program is quite time consuming and it is not recommended to use it with time bin less than about 60 seconds. Besides, be aware that the higher the number of total bins is, the higher is the time and space needed.

The ii_light tool (not called in the analysis script but available as a stand alone tool) uses a different algorithm: the lightcurve is extracted not via the shadowgram creation but with the use of the Pixel Illuminated Fraction (PIF). This allows to extract lightcurves up to a time bin of about 0.1 sec. This is not the official lightcurve extraction tool and should be used mainly to check relative variability of bright sources within a given Science Window, rather than for a long term absolute flux estimate. Note that to be able to run ii_light you need to have ROOT available.