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Input catalog

The single Science Window and mosaic imaging results are merged in the file isgri_srcl_res.fits. By default a spectrum and a lightcurve will be created for all sources listed in this file. Spectral/lightcurve extraction is time consuming and we recommend you to create an input catalog for spectral and timing extraction, as discussed in Section [*]. The spectrum and lightcurve extraction tools use the source position saved in the RA_FIN and DEC_FIN columns. These are the values computed during the imaging step, thus in case you want to use catalog source positions you have to modify them manually. In case you prefer the catalog positions for all catalog sources, you can remove RA_FIN and DEC_FIN columns (RA_OBJ and DEC_OBJ are used then) with the following commands:

chmod +w specat.fits
fdelcol infile=specat.fits+1 colname="RA_FIN" confirm=no proceed=yes
fdelcol infile=specat.fits+1 colname="DEC_FIN" confirm=no proceed=yes
chmod -w specat.fits

Important: make the file with the catalog read only, otherwise it may be corrupted in the course of the analysis!