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Results of the Lightcurve Extraction

Lightcurves are produced for each science window:

scw/0051004X0010.001/isgri_lcr.fits (X=1..5)

To create a merged lightcurve in the 20-40 keV energy range (i.e. to store in one file all the available lightcurves of a given source) use lc_pick:

lc_pick source="4U 1700-377" attach=n \
        group=og_ibis.fits+1 lc=4U1700-377.fits emin="20" emax="40"
The result is written to 4U1700-377.fits. It is possible to create more than one merged lightcurve at a time if you specify a list of desired minimum energies with the parameter emin. If you have more than one energy range with the same minimal energy, then you should use the parameter lcselect to define the unique energy band, otherwise the lcselect parameter can be omitted.