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Results of the Spectral Extraction

Spectral files are produced for each ScW:

scw/0051004X0010.001/isgri_spectrum.fits (X=1..5)

In these files you find the spectra of the desired sources plus the background spectrum. In the header of each data structure, the Name and ID of each source are given, and the first extension of the file scw/0051004X0010.001/isgri_spectrum.fits is an index, summarising the content of all the extensions. With the help of this index you can easily see which extension contains the spectrum of the source you are interested in. In addition to these files, the energy bins used for the spectral analysis are stored in the file
isgri_user_bins_spe.fits. This file could also be provided in subsequent analysis runs throught the parameter IBIS_SI_inEnergyValues.

To get an average spectrum with a better signal to noise ratio, one can sum up spectra of a source from different science windows. This can be done with the spe_pick tool. In the following example we create a joint spectrum of 4U 1700-377 from all the available science windows (included in the og_ibis.fits file).

cd $REP_BASE_PROD/obs/isgri_gc
spe_pick group="og_ibis.fits" source="4U 1700-377" rootname=4U1700

As a result two files with spectra of 4U 1700-377 will be created: 4U1700_sum_pha.fits contains the final average spectrum of 4U 1700-377, while 4U1700_single_pha2.fits stores all the original spectra of 4U 1700-377 that were averaged up. The corresponding Response File (RSP) - which contains both the redistribution matrix and the energy dependence of the effective area of the instrument are also produced and written to the 4U1700_sum_rbn_rmf.fits file. The response files are automatically chosen by the program according to the validity periods in the IC tree. The single RMF files, one for each revolution spanned by your dataset, are stored in your og_group folder as isgr_rmf_ebds_xxxx_rbn.fits. In case your observation spans more than one epoch, several RMFs are averaged up to produce the adapted RMF for your particular dataset. The single RMF files, as well as the averaged one, are automatically rebinned based on the the energy bin scheme that was specified when launching the spectral analysis.

Note that up to OSA 10.2, there was one unique RMF and several ARFs.

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