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Getting started

This chapter describes how to set up the environment and the analysis data and how to analyse data from the two instruments that are part of IBIS: ISGRI and PICsIT. These two instruments are quite different in energy range (ISGRI starts from 15 keV and PICsIT starts from 200 keV) and sensitivity, and are optimised for different targets. This is why we have decided to guide you through the analysis of the crowded Galactic Centre around 4U 1700-377 for ISGRI and of the bright Crab for PICsIT.

Here we assume that you have already successfully installed the ISDC Off-line Scientific Analysis (OSA) Software (the directory in which OSA is installed is later on referred to as the ISDC_ENV directory). If not, then look at the ``INTEGRAL Off-line Scientific Analysis Installation Guide'' [5], for detailed help.