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eXTP, the enhanced X-ray Timing and Polarimetry mission, is a science mission designed to study the state of matter under extreme conditions of density, gravity and magnetism. Primary goals are the determination of the equation of state of matter at supra-nuclear density, the measurement of QED effects in highly magnetized star, and the study of accretion in the strong-field regime of gravity. Primary targets include isolated and binary neutron stars, strong magnetic field systems like magnetars, and stellar-mass and supermassive black holes. The planned launch date of the mission is earlier than 2025.

The mission carries a unique and unprecedented suite of state-of-the-art scientific instruments enabling for the first time ever the simultaneous spectral-timing-polarimetry studies of cosmic sources in the energy range from 0.5-30 keV (and beyond).

The eXTP consortium is proud to invite the science community at large to take part to the First Science Meeting dedicated to the high-throughput X-ray Astronomy and the eXTP mission. The goal of the meeting is to shape the directions of the research in the field of combined X-ray timing, spectroscopy, and polarimetry, collecting contributions to shape the scientific goals of eXTP.

Scientific Organizing Committee: Marco Feroci (INAF-IAPS Rome, Italy; co-chair);  Shuang-Nan Zhang (IHEP, China; co-chair); Andrea Santangelo (IAAT, Germany; co-chair); Cosimo Bambi (Fudan University, China); Sudip Bhattacharyya (TIFR, India); Enrico Bozzo (University of Geneva, Switzerland); Soren Brandt (DTU, Denmark); Deepto Chakrabarty (MIT, United States); Wei Cui (Purdue University, United States); Zigao Dai (Nanjing University, China); Hua Feng (Tsinghua University, China); Margarita Hernanz (IEEC-CSIC, Spain); Michiel van der Klis (UVA, The Netherlands); Dong Lai (Cornell University, United States); Piotr Orleanski (Space research Center, Poland); Paul Nandra (MPE, Germany); Giovanni Pareschi (INAF-OA Brera, Italy); Martin Pohl (University of Geneva, Switzerland); Rashid Sunyaev (MPA, Germany); Stephane Schanne (CEA, France); Zhanshan Wang (Tongji University, China); Silvia Zane (MSSL-UCL, United Kingdom); Shu Zhang (IHEP, China)

Local Organizing Committee: Enrico Bozzo (Chair); Marco Feroci (INAF-IAPS Rome, Italy); Shu Zhang (IHEP, China); Sergio Di Cosimo (INAF-IAPS Rome, Italy); Yuri Evangelista (INAF-IAPS Rome, Italy); Chris Tenzer (IAAT, Germany); Gabriella Ardizzoia (CIFS - Torino, Italy); Giuliano Sabatino (Rome, Italy)