List of publications

I currently have 128 publications listed on ADS for a total of about 1,500 citations and an h-index of 24. I have published 17 first-author papers in refereed journals. Here is my publication list:

Eckert, D., Gaspari, M., Vazza, F., Gastaldello, F., Tramacere, A., Zimmer, S., Ettori, S., Paltani, S. 2017,
On the connection between turbulent motions and particle acceleration in galaxy clusters,
Submitted to ApJ Letters
Eckert, D., Gaspari, M., Owers, M., Roediger, E., Molendi, S., Gastaldello, F., Paltani, S., Ettori, S., Venturi, T., Rossetti, M., Rudnick, L. 2017,
Deep Chandra observations of the stripped galaxy group falling into Abell 2142,
A&A in press 
Iqbal, A., Majumdar, S., Nath, B., Ettori, S., Eckert, D., Malik, M. 2017,
Excess entropy and energy feedback from within cluster cores up to r200,
Submitted to MNRAS
Govoni, F., Murgia, M., Vacca, V., et al. 2017,
Sardinia Radio Telescope observations of Abell 194 - the intra-cluster magnetic field power spectrum,
A&A in press
Venturi, T., Rossetti, M., Brunetti, G., Farnsworth, D., Gastaldello, F., Giacintucci, S., Lal, D., Rudnick, L., Shimwell, T., Eckert, D., Molendi, S., Owers, M. 2017,
The two-component radio halo in the galaxy cluster Abell 2142,
A&A in press
Rossetti, M., Gastaldello, F., Eckert, D., Della Torre, M., Pantiri, G., Cazzoletti, P., Molendi, S. 2017,
The cool-core state of Planck SZ-selected clusters versus X-ray-selected samples: evidence for cool-core bias,
MNRAS 468, 1917
Ettori, S., Ghirardini, V., Eckert, D., Dubath, F., Pointecouteau, E. 2017,
Dark matter distribution in X-ray luminous galaxy clusters with Emergent Gravity,
MNRAS Letters in press
Eckert, D., Ettori, S., Pointecouteau, E., Molendi, S., Paltani, S., Tchernin, C. 2017,
The XMM Cluster Outskirts Project (X-COP),
Astron. Nachricht. 338, 293
Schwinn, J., Jauzac, M., Baugh, C., Bartelmann, M., Eckert, D., Harvey, D., Natarajan, P., Massey, R. 2017,
Abell 2744: Too much substructure for LCDM?
MNRAS 467, 2913
Basu, K., Sommer, M., Erler, J., Eckert, D., Vazza, F., Magnelli, B., Bertoldi, F., Tozzi, P. 2016,
ALMA-SZ Detection of a Galaxy Cluster Merger Shock at Half the Age of the Universe,
ApJ Letters 829, 23
Neronov, A., Malyshev, D., Eckert, D. 2016,
Decaying dark matter search with NuSTAR deep sky observations,
Ph. Rev. D 94, 123504
Lavoie, S., Willis, J. P., Democles, J., Eckert, D. et al. 2016 (32 other authors),
 The XXL survey XV: Evidence for dry merger driven BCG growth in XXL-100-GC X-ray clusters,
MNRAS 462, 4141
Jauzac, M., Eckert, D., Schwinn, J., et al. 2016 (21 other authors),
The Extraordinary Amount of Substructure in the Hubble Frontier Fields Cluster Abell 2744,
MNRAS 463, 3876
Tchernin, C., Eckert, D., Ettori, S., Pointecouteau, E., Paltani, S., Molendi, S., Hurier, G., Gastaldello, F., Lau, E. T., Nagai, D., Roncarelli, M., Rossetti, M. 2016,
The XMM Cluster Outskirts Project (X-COP): Physical conditions to the virial radius of Abell 2142,
A&A 595, 42
Iqbal, A., Majumdar, S., Nath, B., Ettori, S., Eckert, D., Malik, M. 2017,
Little evidence for non-gravitational energy feedback beyond r500 - An end to ICm preheating?,
MNRAS Letters 465, 99
Eckert, D., Jauzac, M., Vazza, F., Owers, M., Kneib, J.-P., Tchernin, C., Intema, H., Knowles, K. 2016, 
A shock front at the radio relic of Abell 2744,
MNRAS 461, 1302
Vazza, F., Bruggen, M., Wittor, D., Gheller, C., Eckert, D., Stubbe, M. 2016,
Constraining the efficiency of cosmic ray acceleration by cluster shocks,
MNRAS 459, 70
Ruchayskiy, O., Boyarsky, A., Iakubovskyi, D., Bulbul, E., Eckert, D., Franse, J., Malyshev, D., Markevitch, M., Neronov, A. 2016,
Searching for decaying dark matter in deep XMM-Newton observation of the Draco dwarf spheroidal,
MNRAS 460, 1390
De Grandi, S., Eckert, D., Molendi, S., Girardi, M., Roediger, E., Gaspari, M., Gastaldello, F., Ghizzardi, S., Nonino, M., Rossetti, M. 2016, 
A textbook example of ram-pressure stripping in the Hydra A/A780 cluster,
A&A in press
Jauzac, M., Richard, J., Limousin, M., et al. 2016,
Hubble Frontier Fields: Predictions for the Return of SN Refsdal with the MUSE and GMOS Spectrographs
MNRAS 457, 2029
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A&A 592, 12 
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A&A 592, 6
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A&A 592, 5
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A&A 592, 4 
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The XXL Survey. II. The bright cluster sample - catalogue and luminosity function,
A&A 592, 2
Pierre, M., Pacaud, F., et al. 2015 (83 other authors), 
The XXL Survey. I. Scientific motivations - XMM-Newton observing plan - Follow-up observations and simulation programme, 
A&A 592, 1
Rossetti, M., Gastaldello, M., Ferioli, G., Bersanelli, S., De Grandi, S., Eckert, D., Ghizzardi, S., Maino, D., Molendi, S. 2015,
Measuring the dynamical state of Planck SZ-selected clusters: X-ray peak - BCG offset,
MNRAS 457, 4515
Eckert, D., Jauzac, M., Shan, H.Y., Kneib, J.-P., Erben, T., Israel, H., Jullo, E., Klein, M., Massey, R., Richard, J., Tchernin, C. 2015,
Warm–hot baryons comprise 5–10 per cent of 2 filaments in the cosmic web,
Nature 528, 105 
Pavan, L., Pühlhofer, G., Bordas, P., Audard, M., Balbo, M., Bozzo, E., Eckert, D., Ferrigno, C., Filipović, M. D., Verdugo, M., Walter, R. 2015,
A closer view of the IGR J11014-6103 outflows
A&A 591, 91
Molendi, S., Eckert, D., De Grandi, S., Ettori, S., Gastaldello, F., Ghizzardi, S., Pratt, G. W., Rossetti, M. 2015,
A critical assessment of the metal content of the ICM
A&A 586, 32
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Electron and proton acceleration efficiency by merger shocks in galaxy clusters,
MNRAS 451, 2198
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MNRAS 452, 1437
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Reconstruction of the projected gravitational potential of Abell 1689 from X-ray measurements, 
A&A 574, 122 
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A&A 570, 119
Jauzac, M., Clément, B., Limousin, M., Richard, J., Jullo, E., Ebeling, H., Atek, H., Kneib, J.-P., Knowles, K., Natarajan, P., Eckert, D., Egami, E,, Massey, R., Rexroth, M. 2014, 
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ATel #4925
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