Invited Speakers are highlighted in bold face.

First day (Monday 24th June)



9.30-10.00: Registration and coffee
10.00-10.20 Welcome and introduction to LOFT and to the Yellow Book science themes  (S. Zane - PDF)

First session: Dense Matter

10.20-10.45 Overview of the dense matter WG: Probing dense matter physics with precision timing
 (N. Andersson - PDF
 (A. Watts - PDF)
11.10- 11.30  coffee break

11.30-11.50 Accuracy of mass and radius determination for neutron star from simulated LOFT spectra
 (A. Majczyna - PDF)
11.50-12.15 Magnetar QPOs and perspective with LOFT
 (P. Cerda-Duran - PDF)
12.15-12.40 Neutron star oscillations, crustal fractures, and LOFT
 (I. Jones - PDF)
12.40-13.00 Shear and bulk viscosities due to phonons in superfluid neutron stars
 (L. Tolos - PDF)
13.00-13.20 The equation of state: from first principles to effective theories
 (A. Rios - PDF)

13.20-14.20 lunch break /poster session

Second session: Strong Gravity

14.20-14.45 Overview of the strong gravity WG
 (L. Stella - PDF)
14.45-15.10 Mapping the extreme: X-ray reverberation in X-ray binaries and AGN
 (P. Uttley - PDF)

15.10-15.30 coffee break                                     

15.30-15.55 Deconvolving the radial structure of the corona in Binaries
 (S. Vaughan - PDF)
16.20-16.40 Probing accreting BHs through energy-resolved X-ray timing and reverberation mapping
 (D. Wilkins - PDF)
16.40-17.00 X-rays from sporadic jets near black-hole event horizon
 (Z. Younsi - PDF)

End of first day


Second day (Tuesday 25th June)

9.30-9.45 Welcome and coffee
9.45-10.10 The LOFT mission: payload and scientific performances
 (J.W. den Herder - PDF)

Third session: observatory science

10.10-10.35 Overview of the observatory science WG  (R. Mignani - PDF)
10.35-11.00 Using LOFT to uncover the QPO mechanism in X-ray binaries
 (A. Ingram - PDF, mov1, mov2)

11.00-11.20 coffee break
11.20-11.45 GRBs science with LOFT
 (L. Amati - PDF)
11.45-12.05 The mystery of gamma Cas-type X-ray sources
 (J.M. Torrejon - PDF)
12.05-12.25 Magnetic fields and accretion physics from Be X-ray binary observations
 (W. Ho)
12.25-12.45 Dwarf Novae with LOFT
 (P. Wheatley - PDF)

12.45-13.45   lunch break /poster session

Fourth session: synergy with other facilities/wavelenghts

13.45-14.10 LOFT, LOFAR, SKA and RRATS -synergy with radio astronomy
 (R. Fender - PDF)
14.10-14.35 CTA/Fermi/High Energy Sources and LOFT
 (R. Starling - PDF)
14.35-15.00 Gravitational Waves and LOFT
 (I. Mandel - PDF)
15.00-15.25 Wide Field Optical Surveys and LOFT
 (A. Lawrence - PDF)
15.25-15.45 Synergies between LOFT_LAD and the E-ELT
 (R. Mignani - PDF)

15.45-16.05 coffee break

16.05-17.00 open discussion/future plans - chaired by Phil Charles, Paul o Brien, Jan Willem den Herder

End of meeting



  1. General relativistic radiative transfer in extreme gravity  (Z. Younsi)
  2. The NuSTAR ULX program  (M. Bachetti)
  3. Liverpool Telescope 2 and LOFT  (C. Copperwheat)
  4. The LOFT LAD  (S. Zane, R.P. Mignani, D. Walton, T. Kennedy. B. Winter, P.  Smith, E. Bozzo, on behalf of the LOFT team)
  5. The LOFT WFM  (S. Brandt, M. Hernanz, E. Bozzo, on behalf of the LOFT team)
  6. Nuclear and neutron matter with chiral three-nucleon forces  (A. Carbone)