15th Journée des Lacs Alpins de Cosmologie

15th Journée des Lacs Alpins de Cosmologie


ISDC, Friday, May 13, 2011

Location and Transport

The meeting will take place at ISDC in Versoix, close to Geneva, in the Pavilion.

ISDC can be easily reached by train every 30 min from the Geneva train station (gare Cornavin). Detailed information on how to reach ISDC can be found here.


Speakers should avoid technical details as much as possible, the level should be adequate for non-experts. In order to facilitate contributions in observational cosmology, the use of a beamer will be permitted; the traditional blackboard (a whiteboard, actually) will also be available. The duration of the talks will be communicated later; the idea is to leave plenty of room for questions and discussions.

Lunch will be provided at ISDC (most probably pizzas or something similar). Enough caffeine shall also be provided to guarantee a successful meeting.

There is no registration fee. All participants are welcome. For logistics reasons, we kindly ask you to register by sending us an e-mail.


10:00 Stéphane PaltaniWelcome
10:01 Andrea de SimoneElectroweak lights from Dark Matter annihilations
10:25 Ermis MitsouEarly dark energy from zero-point quantum fluctuations
10:50 Coffee break
11:20 Stefano FoffaEnergy of a binary system at 3PN and beyond
11:45 Julien LesgourguesApproximations for cosmological perturbation evolution of non-cold relics
12:10 Lukas HollensteinModified growth parameters
12:35 Lunch break: Pizza!
14:00 Oleg RuchayskiyNew mechanism of generation of cosmological magnetic fields
14:25 Andrii NeronovFermi and Intergalactic Magnetic Fields
14:50 Andrew TaylorCosmic-rays and gamma-rays
15:15 Coffee break
15:45 Nicolas FourmanoitSupernovae cosmological surveys
16:10 Stéphane PaltaniEuclid
16:35 Discussion, end of the meeting


Alexey Boyarsky
Ramy Brustein
Marco Cirelli
Sacha Davidson
Stefano Foffa
Nicolas Fourmanoit
Maud Jaccard
Thomas Konstandin
Martin Kunz
Julien Lesgourgues
Michele Maggiore
Ermis Mitsou
Andrii Neronov
Miki Obradovic
Stéphane Paltani
Antonio Riotto
Oleg Ruchayskiy
Pasquale Serpico
Andrea de Simone
Martin Sloth
Andrew Taylor
Céline Tchernin
Thomas Tram Bülow

Please contact the organisers for any enquiry:

Martin Kunz
Julien Lesgourgues
Stéphane Paltani