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The Off-line Scientific Analysis (OSA) software package contains all tools to perform INTEGRAL data analysis of any of the four instrument aboard. To install it, download here the relevant packages and follow the instructions of the Installation Guide. Once the installation is completed and tested with the provided Test Data, go to the documentation tab, and consult first the "Getting started" document.

Third party software is useful to allow you to follow the analysis examples provided in our documentation cookbooks.

The INTEGRAL Burst Alert System (IBAS) client software is only useful to receive the real time gamma-ray burst (GRB) alerts (e.g. for quick follow-up observations by ground-based telescopes).

Package Version Download Comments
OSA Packages
OSA Software 10.2
The binary distributions for Linux or Mac OS X are recommended. The source code is distributed separately for reference and custom compilation.
Please check the Known Issues and refer to the Installation Guide.
Instrument Characteristics 10.2
Use the rsync command To download or update the IC files use:
'rsync -Lzrtv $REP_BASE_PROD'
Reference Catalogue 41.0
21 MB Contains the general high-energy and OMC reference catalogues. Please refer to the catalogue page.
Test Data 10.2
2 GB Test data allow you to check the proper installation of your OSA environment. Please refer to the Inst. Guide.
Updated SPI Gain Coefficients (
4.0 2.8 MB
New SPI gain coefficients to update inaccurate original values. More info at Known Issues.
Third Party Software
HEAsoft Current From HEAsoft pages Includes tools (ftools) to manipulate and display FITS files
DS9 Current From SAO/HEAD R&D group pages The DS9 image display for FITS files
wget current From GNU pages or from your OS distribution Required to download INTEGRAL data from the ISDC archive. Already installed on most Linux systems. Not included on standard OS X.
IBAS Client Software
IBAS Client Software 2.1.0 Source: 120 kB User Manual
Known Issues
>> previous OSA release