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                   * * * ISDC News 08-JAN-2009 * * *
                     (Last Updated on 16-JAN-2009)

INTEGRAL Near Real Time Data Distribution to Observers
Starting from 9 January 2009, INTEGRAL near real time data will be
made available by the ISDC to observers (while preserving the data
privacy) with a delay of a few hours from acquisition by the satellite.

The NRT data for public observations are widely accessible and can be
downloaded from ISDC for a given revolution number RRRR by:
rsync -lrtv your_destination/scw/RRRR

and for the auxiliary data by the command:
rsync -lrtv your_destination/aux 

Please note that near real time data can be affected by a number of
defects and approximate auxiliary information. The final consolidated
data are still provided within 6 weeks from the end of an observation.