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Data Challenge 1

The Data Challenge N.1 (DC1) is the first of a planned series of data analysis efforts which are coordinated among the various Euclid OU's, and have the goal of testing various steps of the Science Ground Segment data processing. In the first exercise, OU-MER will release a set of data (images and catalogs) that simulates data obtained by Euclid. The simulated data has been obtained by using CANDELS data from 8 different filters to mimic Euclid observations in VIS and NIR and four ground based filter bands. Objects from these images will be extracted with standard processing tools to obtain multi-wavelength catalogs that can be used to test photometric redshifts tools.


The DC1 documentation is located on the Euclid "REDMINE" wiki page:


As for the documentation, the data (catalogues and images) are located on the "REDMINE" wiki page:


The final report can be found here.